Rushindra Sinha

Doctor || Developer || Entrepreneur

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A little bit About Me

The world is divided into Learners and Non-Learners and I am most certainly a Learner, When I graduated Medical School in 2014 I knew I had no formal education in computer science and so I spent hours learning from online courses to teach myself how to code. I have always been passionate about technology and hungry to learn more. I worked my way from idea to idea and project to project until I finally decided to get some formal education and attended General Assembly's WDI (Web Development Immersive) which is a Full Stack Coding Bootcamp covering 480 hours of programming over 3 months. A more detailed "Resume" can be found by Clicking Here

Most Recent Projects

Here are some of the most recent projects I have worked on

Alliance || A-Tac || Horde

My very own version of TicTacToe with a player to player chat and a World Of Warcraft Twist (Also hear my fav radio channel while playing)

Happy Hour

A Happy Hour Aggregator to view all the best happy hours around you! Never pay more for Alcohol again!

Munch Time

Recipe Randomizer, Roll the dice and get an easy recipe which can be cooked in less than 15 minutes


Location Based Social media which shows you all Instagram pictures taken at current location

Order Now

View all menus from your favourite restaurants, pick your favourite dishes on first login. After that on every login just tap order now to randomly generate an order from any of your favourite restaurants to get food deliverd to your location (using postmates) payment handled by stripe (bitcoin accepted too!!).

ToDo App

A Clean and simple Angular + AngularFire + Firebase Todo app

This is just a small showcase of the most recent apps. I have worked on many many more. Feel free to contact with any questions